Practical Power Apps

Practical Power Apps deals primarily with users wanting to set up their Power Apps structure using SharePoint as the data source and Canvas Apps and Power Automate.

User support and training is also offered via Teams or other conferencing facilities. This is focussed on users wanting to use SharePoint as a data source.

The guidance for your Power Apps journey contained in this site utilises the experience gained solving user’s problems on the Power Apps Community Forum and also the development of a Power Apps / SharePoint structure over a number of years on a substantial field and office-based operation.

Power Apps is a highly versatile and powerful platform for a low-code solution to many business data gathering, storage and extraction needs. Many adopters of this platform are not professional programmers, but rather the same people who have managed data with things like Excel macros.

This site is designed to guide these users along this journey, with many useful posts under the Blog and Useful Tips sections, also indexed under Categories.


The Basics
Before you start – your Data structure
Starting your app – Design and Naming
Controls and their references
Basic debugging
Filters – combining multiple criteria

Power Apps Delegation – SharePoint
With() Statement and Delegation
Distinct values for a large list field in Combo Box Items
Multi-Choice Combo Box Filter

SharePoint Image storing and viewing
Attaching Camera Images without a Flow or JSON

File Management
Opening attachments instead of needing to download
Send selected attachments on an email directly from Power Apps
Send Uploaded files on an email and include attachments
Email PDF of screen without (and with) a Flow

User Interface Management
Dynamically-filtered multi-select check boxes
Prevent the use of Special Characters in a Text Input
Auto-fill Text boxes based on List values
Restricting users to specified file types in Attachment control
Office365 Groups Security
Changing the Authoring Version of an App
Enter Time directly instead of using drop-downs
Detecting mobile device app operation

Dynamic expanding drop-down menus
Slideshow for your Intro screen
Alternate shading in Galleries
The rogue wrap-around
Duplicating a Canvas App Form into SharePoint Integration
Using Variables when you change the standard design

Combo Boxes
Adding a custom value to a multi-select field
Choice Columns – manage content but use Text fields to store
Distinct values for a large list field in Combo Box Items
Multi-Choice Combo Box Filter

Getting help
A guide to posting on the Power Apps Forum

Developer: Warren Belz