PowerApps SharePoint Images – Storing and viewing

In this blog, I have tried to put together the various options for storing and viewing images in Power Apps, using SharePoint as a data source. How you will do it in your app will depend on your business needs and the way you want your users to interact with these images.

To summarise the options, I will be covering three types of images

  • Captured by the device camera using a Camera control
  • Uploaded into a Add Picture control
  • Drawn using a Pen Input

There are then three options for storing these images

  • An Attachment to the item
  • Stored in a SharePoint Library
  • Written to a Multi-line Text field

So let’s get started and look at the basic structure of an image that is contained in one of these categories.

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Attaching Camera photos without either a Flow or JSON

In the below example, the “Photos” control is a normal (but re-purposed) Attachment Control on a form. The Attachment Control on the right is in another form displaying the same record to demonstrate that this works. The photo names are simply the time they are taken – you could use whatever you want here.

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